# Creating Videos

There are four key steps to creating a video, choosing a sound, setting a background, picking the size and finally adding an animation.

# Prerequisite

  1. Navigate to the web app
  2. Open the side menu then click "create video", this will take you to the new video screen.
  3. Have a sound file ready

# Step 1: Select a sound file.

You can choose any sound file including mp3/wav files.

Optionally we can trim the audio by setting a start and end time. You may want to reduce the duration to support upload to Facebook, Instagram. And Twitter.

# Step 2: Select video size

You can choose between:

  • Square (Great for Instagram and Facebook posts),
  • Vertical (Perfect for stories on TikTok and Instagram)
  • Horizontal: (Optimised for YouTube and Twitter)

# Step 3: Upload a background image.

Click choose file and select a background image, If you do not want an image you can choose a background color


Drag the image on the preview to resize and move it.

# Step 4: Finally we can choose the animation type.

The animation colour and position can both be customized

Click Render to begin uploading our video.


Depending on the length of your file, it can take a while for the assets to upload and render. Please keep this page open until the upload completes.

Once the video had finished rendering you will receive an email, The video will also show in the dashboard.

Click preview to view the video or download to save it.

Congratulations 🎉 You have created your first video. You can now share on Social Networks or create more video.