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Podcast Interview How to

How to Interview Someone for a Podcast

Podcasts are among the most popular forms of online content and can be a great way of creating a loyal following to a niche brand, topic or way of life.

Regardless of what subject the podcast covers, there should be very little reasons as to why a successful podcast can't be created.

Despite the many benefits of podcasting, it's not something that's without its chores, one of the most fun aspects of any podcast can be the interviewing of guests.


Choosing Interesting Guests

Choosing interesting guests can be difficult, and just because someone operates in the same field doesn't always mean that they are a good fit for some podcasts.

This isn't to say that guests must work hard to get a slot on the show, but it is important to ascertain as to how the guest will be interesting to listeners.

What is interesting can be subjective, so it's also important to ensure that you've got a feel for what your audience enjoys listening to and then deciding what the guest could bring to the show.

Some may have a novel approach to a current problem, whereas others may have a controversial point-of-view.

Whatever the scenario, those operating a guest interview need to ensure that the result is something that will bode well with listeners in a manner that encourages them to keep listing.


Outline the Format of the Podcast for a Guest Interview

The great thing about podcasts is that they can cover any subject matter, but it's important to ensure that all those present on the podcast are aware of its format.

Those looking for an interview with a successful outcome needs to ensure that guests are fully aware of the format of the podcast.

This ensures that's guests are comfortable and can offer answers that are more passionate and knowledgeable because they've been aware of what to expect.

There's nothing wrong in carrying out a guest interview in a different way. If the guest is aware of the format, there should be little issue in maintaining rapport throughout the interview.


Consider a Pre-Interview Survey for the Guest Interview

Those looking to offer further clarity about the podcast can also forward a pre-interview survey that can ensure that all parties are aware of the theme, running time and the questions asked. An example of some of the pre-interview questions that can be asked within the survey are as follows:

  • Why a Particular Topic is Important to Them?
  • The Pronunciation of Someone's Name
  • Any Advice They Could Share with the Audience?

Those looking to prepare for a guest interview on a podcast can also use the survey to detail other aspects of the show, such as the type of audience that listen to the show, as well as the way the podcast is recorded.

Having a set structure in place ensures that the podcast can contend with all personality types easily when carrying out podcast interview preparation, ensuring that less is spent on making last-minute adjustments which could affect the quality of the podcast overall.


Carry Out Research Before a Guest Interview

A pre-interview survey is a good way of finding out some details about the guest but knowing how to interview someone for a podcast will require some additional research to ensure that the best interview can be conducted.

The best podcasts are those full of information and rich content, so being aware of some history of the guest is essential, and how this is carried out can depend on the type of guest interview being carried out.

Even if you feel that you know everything there is to know about a guest, there's never any harm in carrying out some research to ensure that a guest interview is the best it can be.

There could be a lot of news that others may not have considered allowing the podcast to offer information that is fresh and relevant within a niche.


Make Sure to Read Any Books Written by The Guest

The best way to become familiar with any guest is to read any books that may have been written by them. This ensures that there is plenty to work with in relation to interview preparation, and also ensures that the podcast is ready for any promotions the guest may want to put forward in relation to upcoming releases.


Take Time Out When Putting Questions Together

Often, those that have a guest coming on the show will have an abundance of questions that can be asked, but this doesn't mean that the guest should be flooded with questions.

It's worth remembering how much value guests can bring to podcasts. So, it's important that the right questions are being asked. If the guest on the podcast answers the same questions that have been asked lots of time before, then it's likely that listeners won't be getting as much value as they would like from the podcast.

One of the most important parts of podcast interview preparation can be the questions being asked, so it's always worthwhile putting some time aside to ensure that the questions being asked during the guest interview are the best they can be.

Use our podcast question list as a good place to start with some genral wuations


Avoid Yes/No Questions

Although some guests are forthcoming, others may be more reserved, so it's important that the questions being don't encourage the guest to answer with yes or no ensure that the natural flow of the podcast is maintained.

There's nothing worse than expecting an answer that could potentially fill a few minutes only to find that the response is short, making for some awkward silences.


Only Ask One Question at a Time During the Guest Interview

Another important part of the podcast interview preparation is the pace at which the questions are asked. It's understandable that some have a running time to keep to, but this is why it's essential that all questions are reviewed to ensure that they're suitable for the guest interview.

Trying to fit in too many questions in a short amount of time will make the podcast sound haphazard, and the guest being interviewed may not be able to answer the question in as much as detail as they'd like.

The result could also be confusing to those listening to the podcast, as they may not be able to ascertain the response to each question asked.


Let the Guest Do the Talking

Having a guest on a podcast can be exciting, especially if it someone the people behind the podcast are fond of, but it's important that most of the talking is carried out by the guests. This also ties into the tailoring of questions to ensure that original and relevant questions are being put forward.

Cutting into the response of guests or giving them little time to answer what's been put to them can be frustrating for both the guest and the listener.


Consider Carrying Out Some Roleplay

When preparing to interview a guest, there can still be a time when some are still unsure of how the questions should be presented. If this is the case, then why not carry out some roleplay that allows you to become more comfortable when learning how to interview someone for a podcast.

Not only is roleplay ideal for perfecting a guest interview, but it can also allow for counter-response to any controversial questions that can be asked, allowing for richer to be content to be produced in the process.

Even running through the guest interview questions alone can help with learning how to interview someone for a podcast as well as ensuring that the right rhythm is maintained when asking the questions.

Aim for a High-Quality Production

Although the content of the podcast is important, so too is the audio quality of the podcast. Therefore, those preparing for a guest internet need to ensure that all the necessary equipment is suitable and in working order.

Even the slightest defect can have ramifications on the quality of the podcast, so it can be worthwhile running through the equipment and software to ensure that there are no mishaps when the podcast is recording.

If you feel that some of the equipment has the potential to become defective in the short-term then it can be worthwhile having the necessary repairs carried out, or the purchasing of new equipment.

There can be a lot of factors to consider when carrying out a guest interview, but those that ensure that their podcast interview preparation is the best it can be will find that the podcast is a success.

Podcast Interview FAQ

What are the Benefits of Guest Interviews?

As well as creating and producing more engaging content, those that interview guests on their podcast can also build robust connections. Interviews can help find popularity with other professionals in the field, introducing more opportunities.

Why prepare for a Podcast Interview?

Knowing how to interview someone for a podcast ensures that the right level of research can be carried out and the right strategies are put in place to ensure that the guest interview is the best it can be. Those carrying out a guest interview for the first time can take advantage of the following our podcast interview tips

How to make sure the guest feels welcome?

Regardless of whether the podcast is being carried out at home or from the confines of a studio, you'd be amazed at how much distractions there can be if those around us aren't aware of a podcast being broadcast. As such, it can be useful to create a checklist to ensure that there will be no distraction when interviewing the guest, which could include informing employees or family members about the podcast.

Should I make notes fro my interview?

There will be instances in a podcast when notes may be used, but they shouldn't be relied upon during the guest interview. Becoming too reliant on notes can mean you're taken away from the context of the guest interview, which again will hinder the listening experience for those tuning into the podcast.

Is it ok to ask leading questions in the interview?

Don't Ask Leading Questions; When carrying out an interview, it's important that listeners are receiving the right type of experience, If you are unsure as to whether the questions being asked a leading or not, then why not run through the questions with a co-worker or friend to see what aspects of the questions can be tailored.