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According to the United States, there are about 11 million people that are deaf.

One of the benefits of having a video translator translate all of your videos is to make your videos more accessible to people who can't hear.

However, that's not the only hidden benefit. Read on to find out what else video translating will bring to your business or website!

Improve Your Rankings

Believe it or not, but translating your videos could also improve your SEO rankings. For example, on YouTube, about 5 billion people watch one video a day.

With so many videos out there, it can be difficult to reach at least one person, especially if you don't have the best content yet. However, you can use SEO to make your video rank higher than all the others.

One thing that will improve your SEO ranking is translating your video to English with subtitles. By allowing more people to be able to understand your video, more people will click on it and boost your traffic.

Improving your SEO ranking is good for your business, but it also helps the consumer as well by being able to find relevant and helpful content.

Understanding your SEO ranking will also help you realize which videos work better and which ones don't. You'll likely find that your translated videos will rank higher than all of your other ones.

Increase Your Accessibility

In addition to increasing your SEO, it will also increase your video accessibility.

When you provide subtitles or closed captions, it helps people who are deaf or hard of hearing be able to enjoy your video. When they find out that you care about ensuring that they can understand your video, they are likely to share it with others or keep coming back for more content as well.

Comply With Laws

In some cases, there are laws that permit you to have to translate your videos.

People who are hard of hearing are everywhere in the workforce and education sector. To ensure that they have fair and equal treatment, there are laws that are anti-discriminatory to help protect the rights of people with disabilities.

Some of those laws require that all videos have optional closed captioning or subtitles for those viewers. If you want to avoid having a legal battle with an employee or coworker, make sure that you have all of your videos translated or dubbed.

Be a Resource for Non-Native Speakers

If you're wishing to grow your audience, you can also become a resource for non-native speakers as well.

When you translate your videos, you open it up to people who don't normally speak the language that the video is in. People who are trying to learn another language might listen to your video and then read the translation in order to associate familiar words with unfamiliar ones.

When you translate your video, you make yourself a learning resource, which can bring in more money, a bigger audience, and a reputation in your industry to help build up your brand name.

Improve User Experience

When you offer a translated transcript of your video, you also make your content more searchable.

When you have actual words on your page, the search engines will scan the content and direct traffic to your site if the content in the transcript is applicable to their search.

The transcript will also let the users search for keywords and find exactly what spot they're looking for. This can be really helpful for students as well, which will help lend to your learning resource brand.

It also helps to improve user experience and satisfaction when they don't have to spend hours searching for something.

Create Different Content

No one wants to visit a website and see all of the same kind of content. To keep people coming back, you have to create all kinds of different content to keep them engaged.

Having video translations can really open a lot of doors for you in that way.

When you have English subtitles for a video, you can then use it for all kinds of other written content, like infographics, social quotes, and all kinds of other written content. With this written content, you can add even more links to your site which will help boost your SEO over time.

If you didn't have any of those subtitles readily available, you'd have to do a lot of manual labor to generate that original content.

Having a transcript of your video readily available will helps help your marketing team as well. Instead of spending time trying to transcribe your videos, they can just go to your transcript and easily pull from there, which lets them spend more time on actually marketing your brand.

Increase Engagement

Lastly, having a video translator will help people engage with your videos even if they're not in their native language.

Many brands out there are just focused on catering to their native speakers. However, you can give yourself an extra step in the game and add content that can be understood by all kinds of speakers. This way you'll be able to even get yourself into new markets.

Learn More About How a Video Translator Can Help

These are only a few ways that a video translator can help you out, but there are many more benefits to offering subtitles for your videos.

However, if you don't speak another language, this can be difficult for you to do. There are a few video translator apps out there, but they may not be as accurate.

Thankfully, we're here to help you out! If you're interested in using our service, check out our pricing to get started!