Censor Videos

Censor videos with Echowave, add a blur, pixelate a face, or blackout a region.

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How to censor a video online?

Follow these steps to censor part of your video:

  1. 1. Upload Video

    Upload the video that you want to blur or censor.

    Step 1 - Upload Icon
  2. 2. Add Censor

    Use the blur tool to make a part of your video look blurred or pixelated. You can also use the rectangle shape tool to completely black out a part of your video.

    Step 2 - Illustration of a censor icon
  3. 3. Download Video

    Download the censored video!

    Step 3 - Illustration of downloading a censored video

Why censor a video?

Censorship of videos is commonplace to make them suitable for a larger audience, to conform to laws or societal conventions, or to safeguard the privacy of those who appear in them. Censoring videos allows for the removal or hiding of potentially disturbing content like profanity, extreme violence, or sexual content.
Illustration of bluring someones eyes to hide their identity

Visual Censoring

Social networking networks block violent, sexual, and inappropriate material. To avoid a post being removed or reported, censoring it is one way to ensure it complies with the site's guidelines.

Illustration of muting a bad word from a video

Audio Censoring

You can also use EchoWave to remove offensive or curse words or hide private information from parts of the audio track. Either turn off the sound for that part, EchoWave remuxes the final output, so you can't get the sound back or replace it with a bleep.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to censor curse words in a video?

With EchoWave's browser blur tool you can remove offensive language from audio and video.

How to censor someone's face in a video?

You will nedd a VideoEditor that supports Motion tracking, Replace someone's face with a pixelated, blurry, or blacked-out mask with an online video editor like EchoWave.

How to censor part of a video?

You can censor the entire video or use a mask to censor only specific parts and times. Adjust the size and position of your mask using the layers tool.

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