Add Text To Video

Add text online and for free to your video. Choose from more than 1000+ fonts, colours, and styles.

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How to add text to videos?

Follow these three steps to overlay text onto video:

  1. 1. Upload Video

    Select the video that you want to overlay text, then add it to the timeline,

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  2. 2. Add Text

    Add a text layer, selecting from the sidebar. Choose a font, add your text, position and align.

  3. 3. Download Video

    Download the exported video with text burnt in!

Online Video Editor

EchoWave is a free online tool for editing videos that makes it easy to add text. With just a few clicks, you can add text, change its font, colour, style, and more. To start, just upload a video and click on the "Text" tool. You can add a title, normal text, or the cursive font.

1000+ Fonts

We use Google Fonts to give you lot's of font options, select the variant you would like from the dropdown menu. You can also bold, italicize and align the font.

Custom Fonts

On our business plan, using the design kit you can upload custom font's for your brand.

Animated Titles

If you use text for titles, you can make them more interesting by making the entrances and exits move.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to add text to a YouTube video?

You can burn text into your videos using an online video editor such as EchoWave, allowing them to be seen on all platforms, including YouTube.

Can I use custom fonts?

Yes, You can select from one of our pre-installed font's or upload your own if you are on our business plan.

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