Rotate Video

Free online tool to rotate your videos.

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Rotate Video

Orientate Video Without Losing Quality

Change the orientation of you video from any device (Android, iOS, PC and Mac), no editing skills needed. Just choose how many degrees to tilt your video.

How to Rotate Your Video?

EchoWave makes rotating your video as simple as uploading and selecting your rotation.

  1. 1. Upload Your Video

    To begin with, you'll want to upload your video file. EchoWave works with pretty much all video file types, so you can rest assured that whatever video you have at hand, we can rotate it for you.

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  2. 2. Choose Rotation

    Now, select your desired angle of rotation. If you select increments of 90Β° we will resize your aspect ratio to match the rotation.

    Choose Rotation
  3. 3. Download Video

    Download the rotated video to your PC, Mobile device or cloud service.

    Download Tilted Video

Frequently Asked Questions

How to rotate a video?

All you have todo is upload your video, select the rotation, and then re-download your video.

How do I rotate a video without losing quality?

When you rotate a video with EchoWave, we maintain the original quality up to 4k resolution.

How do I turn a video from horizontal to vertical?

Using EchoWave you can flip your video from horizontal to vertical, we will rotate the video and automatically adjust the aspect ratio.

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