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Create stunning Music Visualizer videos effortlessly with EchoWave's intuitive online editor and customizable templates.

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How to make a music visualizer video?

Creating your first music visualizer video is straightforward with EchoWave's intuitive online editor. Follow these simple steps:

  1. 1. Upload Your Audio

    Upload your audio file (MP3, WAV, etc.) to the EchoWave editor. This will be used to create a sound wave for the animations.

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  2. 2. Choose and Customize a Visualizer Template

    Select a pre-made visualizer template from the sidebar. EchoWave offers a variety of templates to suit different styles and genres. Customize the visualizer's appearance to match your brand or aesthetic.

    Step 2 - Visualise Audio Wave
  3. 3. Generate and Download Your Video

    Once you're satisfied with the customization, generate the video and download the exported file. It's that easy!

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Why Use a Music Visualizer?

  • Enhance Engagement: Visual elements capture attention better than audio alone, making your content more engaging.
  • Social Media Ready: Perfect for platforms that prioritize visual content over audio-only files.
  • Promote Music: Ideal for promoting albums, singles, or podcasts with visually appealing content.

Create Visualizer Videos

Enhance your social media presence with captivating promotional clips for your music, using our Studio's advanced features. Add dynamic waveforms and audio spectrums to your videos with ease, utilizing our user-friendly online video editor. Ideal for podcasters, musicians, voice actors, and more, our tool empowers you to leverage the power of social media, reaching a wider audience and amplifying your digital footprint.
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Social Media Integration

Leverage the power of visual storytelling on social media. EchoWave transforms your music into visually stunning videos perfect for platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.

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Increase Engagement

Capture your audience's attention in a crowded social media landscape by adding engaging audio-visual elements to your content.

What is a Music Visualizer?

A music visualizer is a program that generates animated images or videos based on the audio of a song or other audio input. This can be anything from simple bars or waves that move in time with the music to more complex, abstract animations that change and evolve based on the audio characteristics. Music visualizers enhance the listening experience by adding a visual element, making them ideal for use on visual platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and more.

Advanced Features of EchoWave

EchoWave's music visualizer is packed with advanced features that allow for deeper customization and higher quality outputs:


Superior Audio Quality

We use an AAC codec with a high bitrate to preserve your audio quality.


High Frame Rate

All videos are rendered at 60fps to ensure smooth animations.


Online Rendering

Render videos using our cloud servers directly from your browser without the need for powerful hardware.

Versatile Visualizer Options

  • Waveforms and Spectrums: Choose from dynamic waveforms and audio spectrums.
  • 3D Visualizations: Create immersive 3D visualizations.
  • Custom Backgrounds and Text: Upload custom images and add animated text to your videos.

Use Cases for Music Visualizers

Photo of a music producer at a desk

Music Producers and Artists

Whether you're an EDM producer, a rapper, or a rock band, EchoWave's visualizers help your music stand out by adding dynamic visual elements that captivate your audience.

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DJs and Mix Creators

Create long music videos that match the length of your DJ sets or mixes. EchoWave's cloud-based service handles the heavy lifting of rendering long videos.

Photo of records in a box

Record Labels and Music Promotion Channels

Produce high-quality videos for every release quickly and efficiently, helping to promote your artists and music.

Photo of an rock band event

Event Promoters

Use visualizers to create eye-catching promotional videos for events, increasing engagement and ticket sales.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a visualizer?

A music visualizer is a program that generates animated images of video based on the audio of a song or other audio input. This can be anything from a simple set of bars or waves that move in time with the music, to more complex, abstract animations that change and evolve based on the audio characteristics.

Why use a visualizer?

If your audience is listening to your material on a visual platform like YouTube or Instagram, an MP3 visualizer provides them something to focus on. As the music plays, the visualizer animations on the screen follows along in sync, providing visual stimulation.

What audio file formats can I visualise with EchoWave?

EchoWave works with all of the most common audio formats, such as MP3, WAV, WAVE, M4A, OPUS, FLAC, AAC, and more.

Is it possible to create an Audio Visualiser movie using just an audio file?

Yes, the Audio Visualiser can work with any file that has sound, for best result also use a image or video.

How to add audio visualizer to video?

You can use our visualizer to overlay the animation on top of an existing video, adding your own effects. Just select the video file that you want to use as the source for the visualizer then create a new layer, on top of the video track. This will be where the visualizer will be added.

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