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Effortlessly create striking music visualizations with our intuitive online editor. Customizable templates let you transform music tracks into dynamic, rhythmic visuals.

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Featured Vizulisers

A few example of the videos you can create using our free audio visualizer!

Multi Wave

A smooth line wave animation, with a background video and chill music.

Siri Style

A multi-coloured animation inspired by iOS Siri.


Our classic formation animation is made up of FFT bars.

How to make a music visualizer video?

Create your first video visualizer video in three easy steps. Perfect for promoting albums, you can design engaging audiograms and waveforms in minutes, directly from your browser:

  1. 1. Upload Audio

    Upload the audio and add it to the timeline, this will be used to create a sound wave for the animations.

    Upload Icon
  2. 2. Add Visualizer

    Select a pre-made visualizer template shown in the sidebar; choose the one that best suits your needs, and then you can customise the look.

    Visualise Audio Wave
  3. 3. Generate Video

    Download the exported video!

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Echowave is used by thousands of businesses around the world

Create Visualizer Videos

Enhance your social media presence with captivating promotional clips for your music, using our Studio's advanced features. Add dynamic waveforms and audio spectrums to your videos with ease, utilizing our user-friendly online video editor. Ideal for podcasters, musicians, voice actors, and more, our tool empowers you to leverage the power of social media, reaching a wider audience and amplifying your digital footprint.

Social Media Sharing

Leverage the power of visual storytelling on social media, where over two billion users engage daily. EchoWave transforms your music into visually stunning videos, perfect for platforms that prioritize visual content over audio-only files. Create and share your music in a visually appealing format, tapping into the vast social media audience.

Increase Engagement

Capture your audience's attention in the crowded social media landscape with our video maker's music visualizers. By adding engaging audio-visual elements to your content, you'll stand out, encouraging viewers to pause their scrolling and engage with your video. This approach enhances the visibility and impact of your music, making it easier to grab and hold attention in a fast-paced digital world.


Superior Audio Quality

We employ an AAC codec with a high quality bit rate to preserve your audio quality.


High Frame Rate

To ensure smooth animation, we render all of our videos at 60fps


Online Rendering

Render videos using our music visualizer online cloud servers from your browser

Music Producers and Artists

Whether you're an electronic music producer crafting vibrant EDM or dubstep beats, a rapper looking to highlight your lyrics visually, or a live band spanning genres from death metal to folk, EchoWave's adaptable visualizers are your dynamic and expressive solution. Transform your sound into captivating visuals with our visualizers, enhancing your music's appeal in a competitive market overflowing with alternatives. EchoWave helps your creations shine, making them more engaging and distinct in a sea of choices.

DJs and Mix Creators

DJs and other people who make extended mixes can use EchoWave's ability to make long music videos the same length as their mixes. The cloud-based service takes away the usual computing load of rendering long videos, so DJs can use exciting video content to get more attention for their work.

Record Labels and Music Promotion Channels

Record labels and promoters that regularly release lot's of music can use EchoWave to make videos quickly. Our solution makes high quality videos for every song easier, which helps with promotion.

Event Promoters

The music visualizers on EchoWave can help event organizers promote their events. Adding these visual elements to promotional videos gives them a unique edge that grabs the audience's attention on social media. Quickly builds awareness and excitement for music events, increasing interest and sales.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a visualizer?

A music visualizer is a program that generates animated images of video based on the audio of a song or other audio input. This can be anything from a simple set of bars or waves that move in time with the music, to more complex, abstract animations that change and evolve based on the audio characteristics.

Why use a visualizer?

If your audience is listening to your material on a visual platform like YouTube or Instagram, an MP3 visualizer provides them something to focus on. As the music plays, the visualizer animations on the screen follows along in sync, providing visual stimulation.

What audio file formats can I visualise with EchoWave?

EchoWave works with all of the most common audio formats, such as MP3, WAV, WAVE, M4A, OPUS, FLAC, AAC, and more.

Is it possible to create an Audio Visualiser movie using just an audio file?

Yes, the Audio Visualiser can work with any file that has sound, for best result also use a image or video.

How to add audio visualizer to video?

You can use our visualizer to overlay the animation on top of an existing video, adding your own effects. Just select the video file that you want to use as the source for the visualizer then create a new layer, on top of the video track. This will be where the visualizer will be added.

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