Podcast to Video

Increase engagement by transforming your podcast into eye catching videos to share on Social Media.

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Generate a compelling video out of your podcast

Utilize the audio from your podcasts to generate online podcast visualizer videos for social media. Add podcast audio visualizers to your videos. Choose a podcast video template from a choice of premade examples. You may chose from our prepared text animations. This is an excellent approach to introduce your guests or display the episode's title.

How to convert a Podcast into Video

You have a podcast that you want to share as video? Make a podcast video using EchoWave, follow our steps to get started.

  1. 1. Select your podcast

    Many social networks cannot post audio files (mp3/wav), instead, you can convert your audio to a video (mp4) by uploading ot EchoWave

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  2. 2. Select Options

    Make sure that the video matches the creative brand of your podcast - Many podcasts achieve this by using the cover art as a video background - Creatives like this help boost engagement particularly on social media.

    Compress Video Options
  3. 3. Download Podcast Video

    Render the video and share online, directly to your social networks.

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Podcast Video Requirements:

  1. Image to use as a background ideally podcast cover art That matches your brand.
  2. Audio file that you would like to convert
  3. A place to share your podcast - (Depending on where you want to share the optimum video aspect ratio will vary)

Free Alternatives

Create podcast video with FFmpeg. FFmpeg is an excellent choice if you only require a simplistic video, have some technical skill & a desktop computer.

FFmpeg requires use to the terminal. You should only enter commands if you know what they do.

  1. Install FFmpeg
  2. Place the background image and audio into the same directory
  3. Open a terminal window and run:

ffmpeg -i background.png -i sound.wav -acodec libvo_aacenc -vcodec libx264 output.flv

Please change background.png and sound.wav to match your input files.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I turn a podcast into a video?

To make a podcast video, you will need to create a visual element to accompany the audio. This can be done by using slideshows, images, or other visuals to illustrate the content of the podcast. You can use EchoWave to edit the audio from the podcast and combine with the visual elements and create a video.

How to customise FFmpeg waveform

You can use the command line to customise the waveform for FFmpeg; EchoWave allows you to render bespoke animations configured using our Drag And Drop interface.

What is a podcast video?

Podcasts are typical audio only, whereas a podcast video is a video that contains the audio from a podcast, along with visual elements, either recordings of the presenters or images to showcase content of the podcast.

Can podcasts have video?

Yes, while podcasts normally are audio only, there is a growing trend to include video to repurpose podcasts on Social Media.