Crop Videos

Resize your videos using our free online video cropper (no watermarks or credit card required)


Lossless Video Cropping

Resize your Videos with Our Crop Tool without loosing any quality – Ideal for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Adjust video dimensions effortlessly, removing unwanted elements and focusing on the essential scenes.

How to crop a video

EchoWave makes cropping and trimming videos quick and easy, in just a few steps select the area and crop your video:

  1. 1. Upload Your Video

    To begin with, upload the video file. Our tool works with pretty much all video file types, so you can rest assured that whatever video you have at hand, we can crop it for you.

    Upload Icon
  2. 2. Select Crop Area

    Now select the area you wish to crop, or use the ratio settings in the sidebar.

  3. 3. Download Cropped Video

    Your cropped video is now saved to your personal dashboard and ready to go. Just download it and start sharing your great work with the rest of the world!

    Download Compressed Video.png

Crop horizontal videos to portrait

To crop horizontal videos to portrait orientation using EchoWave, upload your horizontal video and select the crop tool. This feature allows you to adjust the video from a landscape to a portrait format, suitable for platforms requiring vertical videos. The tool offers a preview to fine-tune the crop area. Once satisfied, the video can be saved in the new orientation

Crop in your browser

EchoWave provides a straightforward, watermark-free video cropping tool accessible on all devices. It's free to use directly in your browser. Simply upload your video, adjust the crop, and download your edited video seamlessly, whether you're using a computer, tablet, or smartphone."

Frequently Asked Questions

How to downscale a video?

Using EchoWave you can select a lower resolution to reduce the video quality when cropping your video, or edit your video in our online video editor.

How to resize a video?

To resize your video viit EchoWave, upload your video, and use the 'Transform' tool to resize. Drag to adjust or set exact dimensions. Once done, just export and download your resized video!"

How to resize videos for TikTok?

Videos on TikTok should be 1080:1920, which is a 9:16 ratio. You can upload your video to EchoWave and then change the aspect ratio in the settings. Move the video around and choose which parts to cut out, then export and save your video.

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