Add Watermark To Video

How to add watermarks to your videos. Watermark using text, image or animation!

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How to make a watermarked video?

Follow our three easy steps to create a video with your own watermark!

  1. 1. Upload Video

    Select the base video you wish to watermark, upload and add to the timeline.

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  2. 2. Upload Watermark

    Choose a watermark logo, shape or image. The watermark will burned into your video. Select the corrrect size and positioning, and change the opacity.

  3. 3. Generate Video

    Download the video with the watermark embedded.

Watermarked Video

A video that has a small logo or graphic added to it is called "watermarked." This picture, which is called a "watermark," is usually put in one corner of the video and stays there the whole time. Most of the time, the watermark is transparent so that the viewer can see the video content underneath, but it is also big enough to be noticed. Videos are often watermarked to stop them from being used without permission or without the owner's permission, to promote a brand, or to show who owns the content.

Brand Promotion

Adding a watermark to a video can help build a brand's trustworthiness and credibility, promoting itself to anyone who watches the video. Videos with watermarks can also be shared on social media or other online platforms, which helps spread the brand even more.

Protect Unauthorized Use

By adding a watermark to a video, the creator of the video can identify themselves as the owner of the content. This can help prevent others from using the video without permission or claiming that they created it. Furthermore, watermarked videos can be shared on social media or other online platforms, making it easier for the creator to track and take action against unauthorised use of their content. And example of this is how @TheSlowMoGuys watermark their slow motion video shots, so when the clips inevitably get shared and reposted on social media they are able to still build brand awareness.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to add a watermark on a video?

A video watermark is typically a semi-transparent image in the video's corner that can be overlaid with an video editor such as EchoWave to create the watermark.

How to remove watermark from video?

Watermarks are typically not intended to be removed; always ensure that you have permission to remove the watermark first. If the watermark is on the edge of the video, you may be able to crop or mask it, or replace it with content aware fill. You may also be able to contact the video's creator to obtain an original version without the watermark.

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