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Using EchoWave, you can add your brand's logo to videos. Follow simple steps to effortlessly add a logo to your videos. No technical expertise necessary

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Echowave is used by thousands of businesses around the world

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How to overlay a logo into a Video File?

Seamlessly add your logo to videos to boost branding and professionalism:

  1. 1. Upload Your Video

    Begin by uploading the video to which you want to add your logo. EchoWave supports various file formats for maximum compatibility.

    Step 1 - Upload Icon
  2. 2. Add Your Logo

    Navigate to the 'Add Image' section. Upload your logo file and customize its size and position according to your preference.

    Step 2 - Illustration of a watermark
  3. 3. Preview and Save

    Preview your edited video. If you're happy with the result, simply save the video and it's ready for sharing!

    Step 3 - Illustration of downloading a watermarked video

Add Logos into your Videos online

EchoWave offers a wide variety of editing options, ranging from the simple addition of a logo to advanced features such as transitions, text overlays, and colour grading. The intuitive interface allows everyone to create videos with a professional appearance in a matter of minutes. EchoWave is web-based, no download or installation is required. You can directly upload your videos, edit them, and export the final product in a variety of formats without leaving your brow
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Enhance Your Brand Recognition

Including your brand's logo in videos increases brand recognition, streamlined and simplified with EchoWave.

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High Quality

EchoWave ensures that the final product retains the original video quality, making it ideal for professional use. Your videos will look crisp and engaging, keeping your viewers hooked.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add a logo to a video of any format?

Yes, EchoWave supports most major video and image formats.

Can I resize my logo on the video?

Absolutely. EchoWave allows you to resize and reposition your logo as per your preference. you to resize, reposition, and add filters to your image as you wish. You can also add entrance and exit animations.

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