Remove Audio From Video

Remove the audio track from your videos to mute them with our free online tool.

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How to mute a video?

Mute your videos online

  1. 1. Upload

    Upload the video, or videos you would like to remove the sound from.

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  2. 2. Mute Video

    To mute a video, select it and use the slider in the sidebar to move the volume to zero. You can even completely erase the audio track by detaching the audio track from the video.

  3. 3. Download

    Download the muted video!

Mute Video Online

Remove sound from your video making them silent using EchoWave video editor. Once you have removed the sound you can replace the audio with your own sound or music, alternatively keep the video silent all from your web browser.

Mix Audio

Our online video editor allows you to mix in other sounds, mute the entire video or specific parts of it, and adjust the volume of the original sound to accommodate a voiceover or music.

Clean Audio

If the original soundtrack has excessive background noise, you can use our AI background noise removal feature to automatically eliminate distracting parts of the sound and improve its quality to near-studio levels without having to mute it entirely (beta feature, please reach out to request access).

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I remove sound from a video?

To remove the sound from your video or GIF, upload it and click on the video details. Then, use the volume slider to reduce the volume to zero and export the video or GIF without any sound.

How to remove audio from YouTube video?

To remove the audio from a YouTube video, you can use our video editing software before you upload your Video, just slide the volume to zero before you export the video.

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