Overlay Video Online

Add video and images on top of your videos online, or create split screen side by side videos.

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How to overlay video

Follow these three steps to overlay a video or image onto a video:

  1. 1. Upload Video

    Select the video that you want to use as the base layer, then add it to the timeline,

    Upload Icon
  2. 2. Add Overlay

    Add a new layer on top with the image or video you would like to overlay?

  3. 3. Download Video

    Download the exported video with the overlay!

Online Video Editor

To overlay one video over another, you must utilise video editing software such as EchoWave. Import both of the desired video files into your video editing programme. Then, add the video that will serve as the overlay on a separate track on top of the other video. You may alter the overlay video's size and location as required to fit over the other video, or create your own layout such as side by side.

Overlay Videos

Add a video, such as commentary on top of another video, in our multi video online editor you can add as amny video tracks as you like.

Add animated overlays

Use our library of overlays or add your own animation to overlay.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Overlay a Picture on a Video

Using EchoWave, you may choose an image to superimpose onto a video. Just upload both the picture and video, then select seprate laters.

How to Overlay Video on annother Video

Ready for some video inception? Using EchoWave you can overlay one video onto another video, just import both videos and reposition them.

How do I create a side by side splitscreen video?

Upload two videos to EchoWave and position them by dragging side by side, it's that simple.

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