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Add text to your animated GIFs videos online, for free.

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How to add text to a GIF?

Follow these three easy steps:

  1. 1. Upload Gif

    Start by downloading uploading your animated GIF into the EchoWave editor.

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  2. 2. Add Text

    Choose the 'Add Text' option from the sidebar, or drag it in. Customize your text with our fonts, sizes, and colors. You can also adjust the text position and duration by dragging on them.

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  3. 3. Download GIF

    After adding your text, click on 'Export' and download your video in a GIF format, or convert it into a video.

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Add text to your GIFs online

With EchoWave's online editor, it's easy as pie to add text to your animated GIFs. Just upload your GIF, add text like captions or labels, and then download your GIF with the changes. Adding text helps your message get across more clearly, especially in silent GIFs that loop. Adding text to your GIFs can also help people find them online, especially if you use keywords that are relevant to the GIF. EchoWave makes it easy to share your own GIFs on social media. Because it is online, you can make changes whenever and wherever you want. EchoWave is the best tool for content creators, marketers, and teachers who want to make their GIFs look better.
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Create Unique GIFs with Customized Text

EchoWave allows unlimited GIF text customization. You can choose your image's font, size, style, and colour. Select your text and browse the dropdown. Titles, text, and 'handwriting' can add personality. EchoWave unleashes creativity!

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Elevate Your Animated GIFs with Text and Captions

EchoWave's simple editor adds text and captions to animated GIFs. Text overlays can explain what's happening, celebrate special occasions, or make your GIFs more interesting. Engage viewers with text-enhanced GIFs!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add text to an existing GIF?

EchoWave can add text to GIFs. Upload your GIF, select 'Add Text', type your text, and adjust it. After adding text, download your GIF.

How do you add a GIF overlay to a GIF?

GIF overlays can be added using EchoWave. Upload your main GIF. Upload the second overlay GIF. Download your GIF after adjusting the overlay's size, position, and transparency.

How do you add animated text to a GIF?

Upload your GIF, select 'Add Text', and type your text. Choose a fade-in or swipe animation style in text settings. Download your animated text GIF after adjusting speed and timing.

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