Add Audio To WMV

Add audio to your WMV videos with our online tool.

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How to add sound to a WMV file?

Follow these steps to add audio to your WMV file:

  1. 1. Upload Audio

    Upload the audio track and add it to the timeline, this will be used to create a base layer (We support all major file formats)

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  2. 2. Upload WMV

    Upload the WMV video you want to merge with the audio, and if you prefer, you can choose to silence the video's original audio so only the new audio track plays.

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  3. 3. Download Video

    Download the new WMV file with embedded audio!

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Add Audio To WMV

Looking to enhance your WMV files with audio? Turn to EchoWave, the perfect tool that effortlessly adds voiceovers, sound effects, and music to your WMV videos right within your browser. For those who may not know, WMV (Windows Media Video) is a common and widely accepted video format developed by Microsoft.

With EchoWave, you're given the flexibility to upload your own audio files, record directly using your computer's microphone, import from Soundcloud, or choose from our comprehensive library of copyright-free music. Additional features allow you to trim, fade, and equalise your audio to match the exact requirements of your video. There's no need for a login or downloads to start! EchoWave simplifies the process of infusing high-quality audio into WMV videos.

Add music to WMV

EchoWave's online video editor equips you with the capability to overlay music on your WMV videos. Need to replace an existing audio track in a WMV video? No problem - with a simple click on the sound icon in the settings, you can mute the current track. Once the original audio is silenced, you have the freedom to add a fresh audio track that will play over your WMV video, transforming it into a new audiovisual delight.

Add more audio tracks and edit them

Easily add music or sound overlays to WMV files with EchoWave's online video editor. It also records audio from your computer's microphone for WMV videos. Trim, fine-tune, and sync audio and video on a detailed timeline. EchoWave's extensive library offers hundreds of copyright-free tracks. EchoWave processes and stores videos quickly on Mac, Windows, Linux, and ChromeOS using cutting-edge cloud technology. EchoWave simplifies adding captivating audio to WMV videos.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to add audio from another wmv to mp4

To add WMV audio to MP4, first extract it. You can extract audio with a tool. EchoWave's online video editor will add this audio to your MP4. Upload your MP4 video, mute the audio, and add the extracted WMV audio. EchoWave lets you precisely sync new audio with video for a smooth viewing experience.

How to add audio to a WMV file?

EchoWave makes WMV audio easy. Upload your WMV video to the online editor. Upload your video's overlay audio next. A voiceover, background music, or sound effect can be used. You can adjust the volume, timing, and more after uploading to match your WMV video. After editing, save the video with the new audio track.

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