Add Audio To MP4

Add audio to your MP4 videos with our online tool.

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How to add sound to a MP4 file?

Follow these steps to add audio to your MP4 file:

  1. 1. Upload Audio

    Upload the audio track and add it to the timeline, this will be used to create a base layer (We support all major file formats)

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  2. 2. Upload MP4

    Add the MP4 video that you wish to combine with the audio, optionally you can choose to mute the audio from the video to have just the new audio.

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  3. 3. Download Video

    Download the new MP4 file with embedded audio!

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Add Audio To MP4

Audio for your MP4? EchoWave is the ideal tool. It easily adds voiceovers, sound effects, and music to videos in your browser. Start without a login or downloads!

EchoWave lets you upload your own sounds, record directly using your computer's microphone, import from Soundcloud, or choose from our large library of copyright-free music. You can also trim, fade, and equalise your audio. EchoWave makes adding high-quality audio to videos easy.

Add music to MP4

EchoWave's online video editor gives you the power to overlay music on your videos. Need to swap out an existing audio track in a video? Simply mute the current track with a click on the sound icon in the settings. You're then free to add a fresh audio track to play over your video, creating a brand-new audiovisual experience.

Add more audio tracks and edit them

EchoWave's built-in recording function lets you record sounds from your computer's microphone and add them to your videos. You can trim, enhance with a custom equaliser, and sync with your MP4 on a precise timeline. Our inbuilt music library has hundreds of copyright-free tracks. EchoWave also uses cloud technology to quickly process and save your videos on Mac, Windows, Linux, and ChromeOS devices. EchoWave adds audio tracks to MP4 files in minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I add an audio track to an MP4 file?

Online tools like EchoWave, VLC media player, and Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro can be used to add an audio track to an MP4 file. The platform syncs the audio and video after you upload them.

Can I add an audio track to an MP4 video using VLC media player?

VLC can add audio to MP4 videos. Open the MP4 file in VLC, click the "Media" tab, select "Convert/Save," add the video file, check "Use a video filter," and click "Add" to add your audio file. Click "Start" to save changes.

How can I add audio to an MP4 file in YouTube Movie Maker?

Import the MP4 into YouTube Movie Maker to add audio. Click "Add Music" and select the audio file. Adjust the volume, mute the original audio, and sync the audio and video as needed.

How do I add multiple audio tracks to an MP4 file?

Multi-track video editors such as EchoWave are needed to add multiple audio tracks to MP4 files. Drag audio files onto audio tracks after importing video and audio files into the editor. Adjust each audio track's volume and position.

How do I add audio to an MP4 video on an Android or iOS device?

To add audio to an MP4 video on an Android device, you can use video editing apps available on the Google Play or App Store, or an online tool from your Web Browser (often Chrome or Safari) such as EchoWave.

You may have a limited user experience due to your browser settings.