Add Audio To YouTube Videos

Add audio to your YouTube videos,

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How to add audio to a YouTube Video?

Follow these steps to add audio to your YouTube:

  1. 1. Upload Audio

    Upload the audio track that you would like to combine onto the YouTube video.

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  2. 2. Upload YouTube File

    Download your YouTube video, then upload it to EchoWave. Add the audio or music wish to combine with the video, optionally you can choose to mute the audio from the video to have just the new audio.

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  3. 3. Download Video

    Download the new video file, you can then upload to YouTube.

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Add Audio To YouTube Video

Adding high-quality audio to your YouTube video can create mood, context, or focus. Modern tools like EchoWave make adding audio to YouTube videos easy. A good audio track—background music, voice-over, or sound effects—can make your video engaging and shareable. Your audio can make your video exciting, soothing, or informative.

EchoWave's YouTube audio editor is versatile. It makes uploading YouTube videos and audio files easy. Adjust the volume, timing, and more to match your video. EchoWave also lets you trim and equalise audio to perfection. EchoWave adds audio to YouTube videos, improving their quality and impact for vloggers, educators, and marketers.

Add music to YouTube videos

Create YouTube Music videos from your audio with our visualisers. EchoWave's online video editor lets you seamlessly add music to videos. Easy synchronisation, audio trimming, volume adjustment, and fade effects. EchoWave also offers copyright-free music, so you can always find great soundtracks. EchoWave enhances YouTube content easily and effectively.

No clickbait, just increase in engdment

Whether it's a lively background track or a clear voice-over to guide the narrative, adding audio to your YouTube videos can boost their impact and engagement. EchoWave's online video editor supports WMV, MP4, MP3, and more across all devices, making this process easy. Our intuitive interface lets you add custom music, adjust volume and start time, and mix the new audio with the original track to get the perfect blend.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I add audio to my YouTube video?

Adding custom audio to a YouTube video is easy with EchoWave. Our platform lets you trim, loop, and adjust volume for various audio formats.

Is it possible to add my own audio to a YouTube video?

Yes, EchoWave allows you to upload your own audio files and add them to your video. You can also record sounds directly through your computer's microphone.

Can I add an audio description to my YouTube video?

Yes, EchoWave supports adding voiceovers or audio descriptions to your videos, helping you create a more accessible content for viewers.

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