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How to generate Audio Waveform Animation

Do you ever notice when you play audio on a sound platform, you have the option to pull up a visual? An audio waveform is usually these wave-like lines creating psychedelic-looking visuals. You’re seeing a waveform that represents and moves in conjunction with the audio signal that changes in amplitude are displayed over time.

Audio-waveform animation increase engagement in social media by visually reinforces what’s going on with the sound. Follow our guide to add sound waves in your video:

  1. Upload the audio to a video file.

    Select the audio file (mp3/wav) to generate, mono channel is best for visulisations.

  2. Choose animation style

    Visulisation come in many styles (Bar, Line and Radial), using our live audio waveform visualizer you can choose the best look for your video and add a custom color. Add a background image to match your brand style.

  3. Adjust the amplitude and easing

    To increase motion, adjust the amplitude of the animation effect. You can also position and resize the animation.

  4. Render the video

    Once your settings are dialed in, we need to generate your video, Click the render button. This can take a few minutes.

Generate audio waveform animations in three clicks

Audio Wave Example

Why Are Visuals So Crucial?

There’s no doubting the power of audio.

That is why the radio has been a staple in people’s lives since it was invented in 1895. Whether it’s through listening to your top tunes or a favourite talk show host, it’s a form of audio that has a real impact on your life.

And recently, podcasts are taking the world by storm, with 850,000 active programs and 30 million episodes currently available worldwide.

On top of that, many of them have executed their own combination of visuals with the audio. Usually providing a video-recorded version of the podcast.

This visual approach makes audio-based pursuits more engaging.

Visuals combined with audio is a superior engagement method than sound by itself, that doesn’t mean producers and creators should be confined to traditional videos.

Why Choose Waveform Videos Over Traditional Videos?

There’s a wealth of reasons to choose waveform videos over traditional recordings. Especially if you’re a podcaster or musician that’s producing their own content:

Focus on What’s Important, Your Audio Content

First, there’s the fact that you won’t need to worry too much about your own visual performance during the recording. You can centre your attention strictly around your audio content instead of fussing over what you’re wearing or your facial expressions.

A More Streamlined Approach

There’s also the simple matters of efficiency and effort.

With, you don’t have to spend the difficult time and abundance of money on the ideal video setup.

You can add the visual component to your podcast or live streamed musical performance by uploading your image and audio content. After spending a fraction of the time on production, you’re still combining audio and video to captivate and connect to your audience.

No, you won’t be getting pulled into a million different directions when you utilize as your waveform video generator. Meaning, you can put out quality content more rapidly.


Video recordings require a lot of expensive equipment, especially if you want to sync perfectly with the audio.

When you utilize waveform videos, you’re removing those video expenses from the table while still providing the essential visual content that pulls in audiences.

A Viable Alternative to Videos

It’s worth noting that video podcasting is an extremely lucrative medium. If you have the infrastructure in place, and the required know-how for seamless execution, there’s no need to stop. However, waveform videos are a viable, proven alternative that requires a fraction of the time and effort.

Also, waveform videos are so painless to produce, they can be utilized in conjunction with video productions. Not everyone wants to watch videos. These individuals might prefer the psychedelic visuals associated with waveforms.

By taking the few extra moments to use, you’re giving your audience more options for how they consume and engage with your content.

The Longstanding Social Media Problem with Audio File-Sharing

One thing that’s become blatantly clear over the past decade is that the world is dominated by social media.

When you put together content – no matter what it is – and you want it to reach an audience beyond your five closest friends, you must go to social media.

One of the most frustrating obstacles for people producing audio is how clunky the process is for sharing those files on social media platforms.

Sharing videos, images, and the written word have always been straightforward on these platforms. However, taking a straight mp3, or m4a, and posting it on your Facebook wall is an excruciating pain point. is the Social Media Audio-Sharing Solution

You can use to solve this problem. Combine your preferred artwork with your audio, upload both to our waveform video generating platform, and we’ll do the rest. The file that’s produced is sharable across all social media platforms.

And it ticks all the essential social media boxes. You pair the strong visuals of your artwork with the power of captivating waveform signals, along with your own written message, to engage your audience at a higher level.

Professionally Branded Content

A primary benefit of sharing an waveform video is that you can apply strong branding measures to the content.

All you need is quality artwork in place. And our striking waveform videos will keep your audience’s eyes glued your branding.

Think about that for a second. You can establish your brand identity without the need to pay for expensive digital ad space. Nor must you try to crack the impossible code of SEO so that you turn up on Google.

Really, you only must ask a core group of your peers to share your waveform video content across their social media channels. From there, your brand, the way you envisioned it, will reach a vast audience without breaking your budget.

Beyond that, you didn’t have to spend hours devising a masterful strategy to gain traction.

Merely, produce quality content you believe in, find a branded image that works for you, and use our waveform video generator. From there, you’ll be ready to take social media by storm!

How Can You Create a Waveform Video for Social Media?

It wouldn’t be fair if we didn’t give you the whole picture of waveform video creation.

The process isn’t entirely dependent on platforms such as You can very much DIY the process through the following steps:

  • Utilize Adobe Premiere, After Effects and Final Cut Pro, or any other video editing software.
  • These programs provide the most control over your waveform video.
  • You can layer all kinds of effects on top of the video, such as visualizing audio via animated soundwaves.
  • With the After Effects software, for instance, import your audio into your project. Then drag it onto the timeline for the current composition. You can then create a new layer and select “Effect -> Generate -> Audio Spectrum.”
  • Still following the After Effects model, go to the settings panel and choose your audio in the dropdown labeled “Audio Layer.” Then customize the remaining settings to your preference.
  • When your waveform and audio are adequately synced, add text and imagery.
  • You’re now ready to render and share to YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

If you’re proficient with these programs, this is the ideal option for you. You’ll have the most control over the visuals and be able to produce a 100% customized waveform video. However, most of these tools cater to professionals and will come with a considerable learning curve.

Whereas the other option, using an audio waveform video generator such as come with the following far less extensive process:

  • Upload your video.
  • You can select one of our templated cover pictures. Conversely, you can upload your own branded artwork.
  • Submit your audio file. We will handle the rest of it from there, making your video available for downloading or sharing on social media.

Did you count?

That’s only three steps. And you’ll have an elegant video to engage with your audience in the most effective manner.

It’s worth mentioning that EchoWave is available without downloading or installing any software. Also, there’s the versatile option of multiple aspect ratios; vertical, square, and wide.

Depending on whether you want to post clips or full-length videos, our flexibility with aspect ratios will support your social media needs.

All that’s left in the process is deciding when and where you’ll want to share your files, and ensuring you have enough brand ambassadors to promote your content.

It’s Time to Make Your Audio Content More Powerful

Do you feel like you’re producing audio content that exists in a vacuum? Like you’re putting in hours of work only for nobody to hear your message?

With, you benefit from a streamlined audio waveform video generator that’ll give your audio the sophisticated visual touch it needs to captivate audiences.

Through this savvy tool, sharing your content on social media will be hassle-free. You’ll be able to reach vaster audiences than you could ever imagine.