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How to post your podcast on YouTube

You cannot submit your podcast to YouTube directly. We have a way for you to share you podcast:

Converting your Podcast to a Video

  1. Convert your audio podcast to a video audiogram
  2. Add animation and background image to the video
  3. Post the Video YouTube

Post your podcast directly to YouTube, using EchoWave

Podcasts start when you have a digital audio file with content, usually someone talking about a topic or group of people discussing a subject or an interview-style of setting with QA. Only having digital audio files with some content online does not make it a Podcast. To turn your recorded sound content into a Podcast you need a podcast content hosting server.

Some people might think podcasting is for people with techie mindset, this might have been true in the past when internet speed was super slow (dial-up anyone), but we have moved on exponentially since then. Anyone with the internet can now stream audio files and subscribe to a podcast, which is a good thing but at the same time, more and more podcasts are being uploaded, because of this you might find it hard to be noticed by your audience.Mobile Phone Next to Head Phone

As the market grows and more contents are easily available, standing out in the crowd becomes an important strategy. Uploading your audio file onto a stander hosting site might not give you the extra edge you need to reach out to your audience.

So the next natural step would be to set up a social network ( Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on..) account and share your link, updates and build an audience that way.

Why stop there? You can also create a cool audiogram of your podcast, reach out to more audience by sharing your audiogram on YouTube by turning your audio file into a video with background image and wave animation.